Vjing & Arts

I started out VJing in 2009 at multimedia arts parties in Chiang Mai where I was living in Northern Thailand. After returning home I performed as part of a DJ/VJ incarnation of the electronic soul and breakbeat band Substax. Later, during time in London I VJed and played keyboards as part of an electronic project called AlexOne with members of Brixton musical outfit Alabama 3, playing gigs at the Southbank Centre and in Trafalgar Square. During this time I focused on video for Live Art, producing documentations for Turner Prize Nominee Monster Chetwynd, and working on video pieces and installations with the Berlin based arts collective Artists Anonymous and others.

I have experience building up large scale installations that combine audio, video, and performance. I enjoy creative approaches to event and art curation. and creating opportunities for an audience or crowd to interact with and become part of a creative work. This aspect of my work draws on relational aesthetics, my experiences of cabaret and live art performances, and club culture. 

Video documentations of mine have been screened at the ICA in London, CCA in Glasgow and The Barbican Centre in London. My video collaborations with Artists Anonymous have been screened at V22 Gallery in London, The Secret Garden Festival in the UK, and at Bregenzer Kunstverein in Austria. 

Since returning to NZ a year ago I have been VJing, DJing, promoting and performing at multimedia arts night ClubVideoTech and and enjoying the creative and club scene.  I've also been filming streamed DJ sets with VJ footage for myself and other artists.